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Service Based Architecture - Testing your install

This article assumes that you've just installed Service Based Architecture for Dynamics GP, and you need to test it. If you're looking for help on installing SBA, we have that too,here.



We'll test SBA in a Chrome browser, because it has a cool addin called Postman that we can use to test the 'GET' and 'POST' aspects of the REST based architecture.

Do a Google search (in Chrome) for 'Postman', it should come up as the first result. Install it.

 After it installs click on the Apps button and then launch Postman


The first URL to try will be the help URL: https://vmgp2015.devshed.local/GPService/Tenants(DefaultTenant)/help 

NOTE: This URL has changed since this product was first introduced. The differences are subtle... be careful to cut and paste.

I'm using the fill name of the box because that's the way that I set up my self-signed cert in IIS.

You'll be prompted to authenticate, this user is the WINDOWS user that you associated with a DYNAMICS user that you've given the appropriate rights to


The result will be this:


 After you're sure that this URL works and returns data, enter the same URL into the browser directly, outside of Postman. You'll see this:


The main thing that we're interested in is that first one, the Dynamics link. Just to get to something interesting, click on Dynamics, then Inventory, then Items. You'll see a page that lists all the different ways that you can GET and update items. For now, we'll just do a simple one:


 This URL will get us all the details on one items. Note that the results will be in the default JSON format. More on consuming JSON later. If you'd like the alternate XML format, append '.xml' to the end:


The results in JSON format look like this:


Nice, right?

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