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Service Based Architecture - Installing the GP Web Components

This article walks you through installing the Dynamics GP Web Components on a single machine.

Installing Service Based Architecture for Dynamics GP is a series of steps that need to be coordinated. Be sure that you're using our guide located here


 On the CD, there are two options that (according to Microsoft) achieve the same thing: Web Client and Web Components. Web Client will go away in future versions; so we chose Web Components.

Our install is a single 'demo/dev' box, so Single Machine is the path that we're going to take. Since it's almost the same thing, we're going to install the web client at the same time.

I'm sure that best practice would be to provide a different user name for each of the five services that get install... but this is a demo box, my aim here is to get it up and running as quickly and easily as possible; I'll be using just one account.


In the Web Components Database  dialog, provide the following information. If you get a chance, always use the 'sa' password in any of the dialogs to follow. it's never cached, it's only used to install. Using 'sa' guarantees that you won't have any crashes for lack of permissions.


In the Session Central Service dialog, proved the name of the user account that will run the Services


Before the install you need to have created an Active Directory user group for the components listed below. The 'select' button will allow you to browse the AD to get the correct group 


In the GP configuration dialog, provide the same user name/password that we provided in the Manage Web Client SQL Server login window while installing GP.  

In the web site configuration dialog, provide the user name and pass that will run the web site application pool.   


Before the install, you should have created a self-signed certificate to use in IIS. Provide that certificate here. Again, provide a domain account to run the Session Service. It's not 'required' on this form, but it will be later so don't get lazy.


This is the name of the self signed certificate that we created earlier. 


Provide the cert again, and the service account again



All set! 


When complete, we should see the following five services in the services applet. Two of them (the GP Session Service and the GP Session Central Service) belong to the Web Client, the other three are SBA.  







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