SteveGray 3/30/2015 8:16:24 PM

Service Based Architecture - Creating a Self Signed Certificate in IIS

This article will walk you through creating a Self Signed Certificate in IIS 8. This certificate will be necessary to install Dynamics GP Web Components

Installing Service Based Architecture for Dynamics GP is a series of steps that need to be coordinated. Be sure that you're using our guide located here




You'll need to have IIS installed. The screen shot below is from a Windows 8.1 box, your install may look different. Be sure to have the following items installed, at a minimum.


Be sure that the default web site is exposed to .NET 4.0  

In order to install Dynamics GP Web Components, we need to start with a self signed certificate. This article will walk you through the creation of that certificate

Open the Server Manager, and in the Tools dropdown open the IIS applet. Click on the main server node in the left hand column. In the center area, double click on Server Certificates:


From the actions pane on the right, select Create Self-Signed Certificate:  


In the Create dialog, specify a name for the cert. I used my server name. Leave the certificate store at 'personal'  

Back in the IIS applet, choose  the Default Web Site from the connections pane and then choose Bindings from the Actions pane.